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Server status: Online | Server time: 15:23 09/16/2019

Server rates

  • 2x Exp Solo
  • 2x Exp Party
  • 1x Drop
  • 10x Pet Growth
  • 2x Exp Ship
  • 1x Resources Drop

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01:37 09/16/2019

Mall Promotion (10 Days)

~ Event Duration: September 4th to 14th Promotion ~

For every 1000 Crystals you'll receive +150 Bonus Crystals!

Server Update - 1.1

Server Update 1.1

1). Added Daily Quests from Event NPC - Pappa
2). Added All UG Gems as Drop from Expert Chaos Chest
3). Added All UG Gems as Drop from Wandering Soul Boss DW-1
4). Added All UG Gems as Drop from Snowman Warlord Boss DW-2
(You will be able to see the Drop Rate % at website Database)!
5). Forsaken City Chests now have a small chance to drop Broken Gems
6). Dark Swamp Chests now have a small chance to drop Cracked Gems
7). Making a Guild will now cost 1m instead of 5m!
8). Chaos Argent will open twice per day (every 12 hours)!
9). Exp is increased from 1x to 2x!
10). We will have weekly events for everyone!

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